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AMS  DEC  11, 2011                                                  HEAT  7TH       MAIN     5TH

LANIER  SPEEDWAY  Jan 7,2012                                 HEAT 5TH        MAIN      2ND     

AMS  JAN 28, 2012, Hampton , Ga                             HEAT  3RD      MAIN   7TH  

WCS                                                                                                   MAIN-1st      

AMS February 11, 2012                                                 heat 3rd            Main-10th  DNF broke chain

AMS March 4, 2012                                                         heat 3rd           Main 5th

WCS May 5, 2012                                                          Heat 1st             Main 5th

WCS-May 19, 2012                                                          heat   3rd        Main 3rd

WCS-June 2,  2012                                                         heat 5th           Main 2nd

WCS-June 16, 2012                                                        heat 3rd           Main  2nd 

WCS-June 30, 2012                         * We were the only car to show, other teams boycott the track, so we tecnically won, but only recieved 10 pts

Sunny South Raceway, Alabama  July,13 2012      Actually time qualifying!   Qualify 2nd!      Heat 3rd         Main  3rd 

WCS-July 14, 2012                                                          heat   2nd            Main   3rd     

WCS-July  28, 2012                                                              Heat   3rd              Main    3rd

WCS-August 11, 2012                                                 rain delay, no heat           Main 2nd 

WCS-August 25, 2012                                               heat 4th                         Main 3rd 

WCS-Sept 8, 2012                                                 rained  out 

Bandolero Nationals  Sept 22, 2012                                                                 main 9th  

WCS Oct 6, 2012                                               heat 3rd                            main 4th

AMS winter flurry #1                                       heat 4th                            main 3rd

AMS winter flurry #2 12.8.12                         heat 3rd                          main 4th 




Bandolero Racing 2012


Ingold Motorsports LLC- John Pickle Motorsports in Conjunction with Very Cool Parts , 3pd  announce the sponsorship and ownership of the Bandolero driven by Lawson Ingold of Social Circle, Georgia. Lawson will be focusing on this and retiring from quarter midgets in 2012

Bandolero racing is sanctioned by U.S. Legends cars and is a spec race car for 8-16 year olds. Atlanta Motor Speedway, Lowes Motor Speedway , Concord, Lanier, Gresham and many local tracks are venues for these cars. Lawson is 8 years old has been racing since he was 4 ½ years old in Quarter Midgets and has many wins and one of the top 4 drivers in Region 3 in QMA. Lawson will still be racing Quarter Midgets in two classes in 2012, but on a limited schedule to devote seat time to this new series. As soon as we have our schedule worked out for 2012 we will let every one know and also post on Lawson’s website.

We still are working on additional sponsorship for this series. This series has been on Speed and all races are live on  the internet. It will be a great promotional tool for any sponsors and Lawson.

We also want to thank Magnum-Hammer Racing for providing Lawson with a great winning championship car.

Please contact us if you want to be part of this successful young driver!





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